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Anonymous said: Once what's confirmed??

The calendar image going around with the Pokemon. People are speculating who gets what and are forgetting DP and BW did the same thing and people got dashed hopes back then too. I’m just giving people a friendly reminder~

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So as it stands now the current predicted team standings are.

Ash Ketchum: Pikachu, Frogadier, Hawlucha, and Flechinder

Clemont: Chespin, Bunnelby, Luxio and Dedenene

Serena: Braxien, Pancham, Ryhorn, and Treecko

So I think Chespin has cemented itself as the marketing tool that will not evolve, which I guess is fine, if it;s with Clemont the ploy does the least amount of damage I think (unlike Emolga or May’s Squritle and Eevee where it directly stunted their growth a bit).

What I find MORE interesting is the two possible future captures for Serena (on top of a confirmed evolution, thank god). I had pretty much expected her to get a hoenn Pokemon eventually because ORAS and such but Treecko was something I hadnt predicted, once again I like the choice (goes along with Dawn’s Cyndaquil and May’s Bulbasaur) and from what we see it of palling around with Chespin it could have a more playful nature then the stoic one we know and love.

And what I find SUPER interesting is that Serena is getting Ryhron, I think me along with a lot of people initially predicted that Ryhorn racing was gong to be her thing and therefore she would catch one, but as the series went out we just kinda gave up on the idea, and now with performances confirmed it seemed even less so, until now that is. I love the idea of Serena capturing the Pokemon that ties her to home the most, I would love to see it used in Performances, showing it’s completley incompatible with them (it’s a racer after all, not a performer) and then we see Serena trying to work on that, either way im very down for capturing it

XY seems to be doing this thing that I really like in that it’s giving the characters Pokemon that help their characters directly and not really the ratings. Clemont is getting Luxio, a Pokemon which represents a lion and a possible direct parallel to his courage arc, but as it stands, a Pokemon that serves no real use in the marketing sense (not Gen VI, doesnt have a Mega, not from ORAS, etc) and Ryhorn is looking to be the same way. Though ironically it seems to represent XY in general because the games have by far the largest variety in Pokemon seen in a single game, and the XY quartet Pokemon roster now has at least one Pokemon from every generation save for Gen II.

Im rambling now, bottom line is that I look forward to all these new captures.

Hold on, sweetheart.  

As far as I know, this picture is taken from a calendar. I am still not aware of it’s source but if it i from a calendar then you guys must realize all of this Pokemon needn’t belong to the main cast. Likely maybe, but not definite.

Out of the given options, what I see definite are Serena’s Braxien and Ash’s Frogadier. These seem likely as they are evolved forms of existing Pokemon. What I see unlikely is the Rhyhorn.

There is a good chance that this Rhyorn is Grace’s and it could be starring with Serena in a episode.

Treecko, is a starter so I am not sure if it would make such a stand alone appearance like Rhyorn does. Which means, the odds of Treecko going to Serena seems likely.

But either way, these are NOT necessarily team changes. I realize you do say you are just speculating but I want to just put this point as a reminder in everyone’s heads that chances of us being betrayed by the hype is also highly likely and such possiblity is to be anticipated. This has happened before for DP and BW. This might happen in XY. Let’s be a bit skeptical so that we don’t unnecessarily badmouth the writers on the day we realize our speculation is off.

BUT at the same time I am very excited at the possiblity of Serena getting a Treecko. I want it to be true. Rhyhorn seems highly unlikely to me. I really doubt Serena would have THREE team changes. That sounds a bit tad too much.

important currently this is speculation don't let it get to your heads xD
Too late the seed has already planted. Expectations have been set. don’t tell me what I can do with the probability space in my mind. you’re not my mom, etc


suift duroo replies

Once it’s confirmed go crazy guys but please don’t set yourself up for disappointment I worry about you remember this is all SPECULATION xD

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ill foolishly believe anything if Braxien is invovled

I mean its not foolish to believe in it, because it’s probably legit but I’m always a little concerned when stuff gets leaked. 90% of the time its true but with calenders and stuff we have gotten random Pokemon in the shot before so. I just need more evidence before believing it’s true xD

I envy your openness 

noodlerama replies

Hmm as excited as I am about these new captures I don’t want to jump on it just yet as we have gotten stuff like this and been wrong before. So I’ll say there’s about a 10% of it not being true but better to be safe than sorry xD

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I know everyone is freaking out over Drew influence in the Ace trainer of ORAS but food for thought here what if Drew’s design was somehow influenced by the original RS ace trainer? I mean it’s possible we got designs of characters based off characters before. So it’s not the ace trainer is based off Drew but Drew is based off the ace trainer and that’s pretty cool if it’s the case. Either way we’ll never really know for sure

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I get to leave in less than 10 minutes and someone is going the call the last minute I just know it

Called it :/

I get to leave in less than 10 minutes and someone is going the call the last minute I just know it